Portia Ltd designs and implements effective, evidence-based strategies for advancing quality of research and innovation through gender. Our work covers gender equality issues in STEM and gender dimension in the content, process and impact of science (STEM) endeavours. 

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New Gender Summit website launched ahead of GS5, GS6 and GS7 in 2015

Gender Summit logo2015 sees the Gender Summits expand across the globe. The GS5 Africa will be held in Cape Town on 28 - 30 April, the GS6 Asia-Pacific in Seoul on 26 - 28 August and the GS7 EU in central Europe in Autumn. The newly re-launched www.gender-summit.com is your portal to information on the events. We have also collected resources from previous Summits for you to download and watch. Go to www.gender-summits.com and pick a regional event to learn more and to sign up to the newsletter.

27 October 2014


Interviews with six GS4EU speakers in International Innovation

International Innovation Graphic from the Gender Summit 4 2014Unbreakable Bonds, Issue 156 of International Innovation, features six insightful interviews with speakers from the Gender Summit 4: "Removing the Gender Bias" with Patricia Reilly, Cabinet of Commissioner Máire Geoghegan-Quinn, Research, Innovation and Science, European Commission; "A Female Perspective" with Daniela Corda PhD, Director, Institute of Protein Biochemistry (IBP), National Research Council of Italy (CNR), Italy; "Balancing the Gender Equation" with Karel Luyben PhD, President, Conference of European Schools for Advanced Engineering Education and Research (CESAER) and Rector Magnificus, Delft University of Technology, Netherlands; "Tapping the Talent Pool" with Paul Boyle PhD, Chief Executive, Economic and Social Research Council (ESRC), UK, President, Science Europe; "Engaging and Retaining Bright Minds" with Wanda Ward PhD, Director, Office of Integrative Activities, National Science Foundation (NSF), USA and; "Fair, Balanced and Flexible" with Shewly Choudhury PhD, Deputy Head of Basic Careers, Wellcome Trust, UK. Portia establised the Gender Summits in 2011 as part of our genSET project. Just register on the International Innovation website to access all the content.
16 October 2014

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