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Effective strategies for gender equality in science


Dr Elizabeth Pollitzer, speaking at Women and TechnologiesDr Elizabeth Pollitzer is a leading expert on gender, STEM and innovation. She was a founding member of Portia in 1997 and has been active in the gender and science field for over 15 years. Elizabeth’s background is in Computing and Biophysics, with many years spent both teaching and researching in the Department of Computing at Imperial College, University of London.
Elizabeth Pollitzer PhD Curriculum Vitae

The area where we have special interest and knowledge concerns research evidence showing how the inclusion of gender as a dimension of research and innovation process can enhance quality and impact of scientific endeavour.


Dr Elizabeth Pollizter, speaking at the European Gender Summit 2012, at the European Parliament, Brussels

Portia has developed an extensive network of experts and highly experienced practitioners in the area of gender and science and works in consultation and collaboration with them on problems requiring in-depth analysis on specific issues. We prepared a review of this evidence as part of a report for the Gender Summit 2012 entitled From Ideas to Markets: The Gender Factor.


Gender in Horizon 2020 and other programmes

Dr Pollitzer also acts as an gender expert consulting on the integration of gender in research proposals and other programmes, with particular knowledge of Gender in Horizon 2020, applying both her expertise in gender programme efficacy and the gender dimension in research content. In addition to her extensive expertise, Portia can also call upon its large network of gender experts in specific disciplines, where appropriate.

Please contact us if you would like to discuss how we can help you embed gender throughout your proposals.


Events 2012 - 2014

8th European Conference on Gender Equality in Higher Education, Vienna, 2-5 September 2014
Talk: Keynote - Changing the Meaning of Normal Science

Euroscicon 2014 Regenerative Medicine Event: Stem Cell Reprogramming, O2, London, 2 June 2014
TalK: Cell Sex Matters

WISET Gendered Innovation Forum, WISET (the Korea Advanced Institute of Women in Science, Engineering and Technology), April 2014
Talk: Science and Technology Innovation through Gender

OXFest (Oxford Females in Engineering, Science and Technology) Symposium, Oxford, UK, 27 February 2014
Talk: If I Knew Then What I Know Now

Oxford Summit of Leaders ‘Science and Education’, Oxford, UK, 17 December 2013
Talk: The Gender Perspective

38th FEBS Conference, St Petersburg, Russia, 6-11 July 2013
Talk: We need to talk about Sex

The-Women’s-Insurance-Net-Work meeting, Surrey, UK 18-19 April 2013
Talk: Gender Issues in Research

Launch of the Grand Coalition for Digital Jobs, DG Connect, European Commission, 4-5 March 2013
Rapporteur: Workshop 5, The Role of Member States Filling the gaps: e-Skills and Education for Digital Jobs Final Report (pdf)

Research Day, Dublin City University, Dublin, Ireland, 6 February 2013
Talk: HORIZON 2020 : what will ‘integrating the gender dimension’ mean in Science and Engineering if it’s not all about role models and recruitment?

Gender Balance in Research in the Nordic Countries, Expert seminar, Oslo, Norway, 22–23 November 2012
Talk: The genSET project – lessons and impact

Third Regional Forum for Women Entrepreneurs, The UN Economic Commission for Europe (UNECE), Baku, Azerbaijan, 14-15 November 2012
Talk: Smart Specialisation for Women Entrepreneurs: Creating Links, Synergies, Opportunities

ICT Competitiveness Week, Brussels, Belgium, 17-20 September 2012

7th European Conference on Gender Equality in Higher Education, Bergen, Norway, 29-31 August 2012
Talk: From Evidence to Consensus, Recommendations, and Standards: lesson from the genSET project
Talk: Scenario Building Method as a tool for Supporting career Decisions in Science - Comparing Germany and Israel
Book of abstracts (pdf)

Gender, Work and Organization 2012, Keele University, Staffordshire, UK, 27-29 June 2012
Stream Convenor: Gender in Science Institutions and Knowledge System

Beyond the Glass Ceiling, Women Rectors Across Europe, Istanbul, Turkey, 21-23 May 2012
Talk: Manifesto for Action on the Gender Dimension in Science
Presentation (pdf)

Parity as Practice: the Politics of Equality, Yale Law School, New Haven, USA, 20-31 March 2012
Talk: From Consensus to Action