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There is a huge body of research literature on gender issues, a considerable proportion of which is devoted to understanding the role of gender in science, but this knowledge is scattered across many different journals and reports.  We have created an essential collection of recent empirical studies as part of the genSET project, and these examples can be easily accessed in the Downloads section of the genSET website.  Our collection keeps on growing, and the plan is that it will become accommodated within the new portal that will be created as part of the new genPORT project, where Portia is a member of the Consortium.  The genPORT project will start in the Spring of 2013.  

Below we highlight key summary reports, which provide the best entry points for non-experts in the field, whose work may be affected or benefit from being aware of the impact that gender issues can have in science.

A - Z of Why Gender Matters in R&D

This two page documents gives examples ranging from A - Z of how gender interacts with R&D. This myriad of examples give an excellent overview, supported by empirical evidence, of how gender impacts excellence. The examples cover a range of levels from participation to subjects of research. A - Z of Why Gender Matters in R&D


The Consensus Report: Recommendations for Action on the Gender Dimension in Science

Between March and June 2010, three genSET Consensus Seminars brought together 14 European science leaders to share knowledge and experience and arrive at a consensus view on the gender dimension in science and on the priorities for gender action in scientific institutions. This document contains the Consensus Report of 13 recommendations of the Science Leaders Panel, information on genSET and detail on the Consensus Seminar Process and how this differs from traditional Consensus Conferences. You can download all the references of the Report from the genSET website.


Briefing Notes 1 How can European science benefit from integrated action on gender?

The Science Leaders Panel were provided with this document before the first Consensus Seminar. The aim of this Briefing Note is to provide a summary compilation of the recent gender research findings and recommendations as an overview of the wide range of issues that contribute to the gender dimension in science. The purpose is to help spark-off the discussion and provide a starting point for reflection. You can download all the references of the Notes from the genSET website.


Briefing Notes Supplement 

The Science Leaders Panel were given this Briefing Notes Supplement before the second Consensus Seminar. It provides additional research evidence in support of the themes and questions emerging from the 1st Consensus Seminar. Like the original Briefing Notes, it is meant to foster discussion and reflection, rather than give a comprehensive critical review of the field of research into gender questions within the science knowledge production. You can download all the references of the Notes from the genSET website.


Special Issue of Interdisciplinary Science Reviews on Gender and Science

A special issue of the Interdisciplinary Science Review, "Gender in Science" is available from Maney Publishing. You can read the editorial and Table of Contents here. Contributors to the Special Issue included members of the genSET Science Leaders Panel and genSET Gender Experts.  You can preview the content and read the editorial here.


Structural change in research institutions: Enhancing excellence, gender equality and efficiency in research and innovation

Dr Elizabeth Pollitzer, was a member of the panel of experts that produced, Expert Report to the European Commission "Structural change in research institutions: enhancing excellence, gender equality and efficiency in research and innovation". Based on recent scientific findings and research practices, this report provides the analysis needed to take action and points to good practices in research institutions which attract and promote women in research and innovation. You can download the report here.


genSET documents and references

Over 100 references about gender and STEM R&D&I are available on the genSET website, along with project publications, presentations from workshops and conferences and more.